​Grades 9 and 10

Grade 9 - Science Benchmark/Indicator Quizzes  (c 2008)     
56 one-page quizzes, at least one for each indicator; complete answer key

Grade 10 - Science Benchmark/Indicator Quizzes (c 2008)  
56 one-page quizzes, at least one for each indicator; complete answer key       


Wolfson's Grade Level Benchmark/Indicator Quizzes, were written to assist Ohio science teachers in working with the Science Academic Standards (2003), achievement testing, and OGT preparation and intervention.   

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​​OHIO Science – Grade 9 (2004 Standards)
9th Grade Benchmark/Indicator Quizzes   

Table of Contents

Earth and Space Sciences
A 1 Star Energy
A 2 Big Bang Theory
B 4 Oceans and the Lithosphere and Atmosphere
C 3 Effects of Gravitational Forces in the Solar System
E 5a Thermal Energy Transfer within the Earth
E 5b Gravitational Forces on Earth
E 6 Plate Tectonics
E 7 Continental Drift and Sea-floor Spreading
F 8 Earth and Space Sciences and History

Life Sciences
No 9th Grade level indicators for this Standard

Physical Sciences

A 1 Atomic Number and Mass
A 2 Atomic Charge
A 4 Periodic Table
A 5 Ions
B 6 Electric Forces
B 7 Bonding, Formulas, and Equations
B 8 pH Scale
C 9 Properties of Matter
C 10 Conductivity
D 21 Motion
D 22 Newton’s First Law of Motion
D 23 Newton’s Second Law of Motion
D 24 Newton’s Third Law of Motion
D 25 Friction
E 12 Kinetic Energ y
E 13 Potential Energy
F 3 Radioactivity
F 11 Temperature
F 14 Nuclear Reactions
F 15 Energy Transformations
F 16 Chemical Reactions
F 17 Transfer of Thermal Energy
G 18 Electromagnetic Radiation
G 19 Wave Properties
G 20 Wave Characteristics
H 26 Development of New Ideas
H 27 Scientific Advances and Issues

Science and Technology
A 2 Design Process
A 3 Design Assessment
B 1 Benefits and Risks of Technology

Scientific Inquiry
A 1 Observations and Inferences
A 2 Lab Safety
A 3 Using Models
A 4 Significant Digits
A 5 Presentation of an Investigation
A 6a Drawing Conclusions from a Table
A 6b Drawing Conclusions from a Graph

Scientif ic Ways of Knowing

A 1 Need for Many Contributions in Investigations
A 3a Reliable Evidence
A 3b Accurate Predictions
B 5 Scientific Theory
B 6 Inquiry and Theory
B 7 Science Changes Over Time
C 2 Reporting Science Investigations
C 4 Ethics in Science
D 8 Scientists and Their Daily Work
D 9 Careers in Science




OHIO Science - Grade 10 (c 2008 - 2004 Standards)
10th Grade Benchmark/Indicator Quizzes 

Table of Contents 

Earth and Space Sciences Life Sciences
B 1 Biomes 
B 2 Climate and Weather Patterns 
C 3 Estimating Geologic Time 
C 4 Early Atmospheric Changes 
D 5 Resources and Their Uses 
D 6 Human Effects on the Environment 
F 7 Earth and Space Sciences: Advances and Issues 

Physical Sciences
No 10th grade level indicators for this Standard 

Life Sciences 
A 1a Chemical Makeup of Cells 
A 1b Cell Structure 
A 1c Cell Origin 
A 1d Cells versus Viruses 
A 2 Cell Organelles 
B 3a Homeostasis 
B 3b Energy in Cells 
B 3c Cellular Transport 
B 3d Cellular Waste Disposal 
B 3e Cells and Synthesis 
B 4 Cellular Processes 
C 5 DNA Structure and Function 
C 6 Genes 
C 7 Mutations 
C 8 Inheritance
D 9 Energy Flow and Biochemical Cycles 
D 10 Cellular Energy Acquisition and Release 
D 11 Chemistry of Life 
E 12 Classification 
E 13 Variation in a Species 
E 14 Diversity and Adaptation 
F 15 Interactions with the Environment 
F 16 Populations ANSWER KEY 
F 17 Cycles of Ecosystems 
G 18 Effects of Human Activities 
G 19 Resource Use 
H 20 Gene Frequency and Evolution 
H 21 Natural Selection 
H 22 Evolution History 
I 24 Mechanismsof Evolution 
I 25 Origin of Life 
J 26 Historical Ideas 
J 27 Effects of Life Science on Science and Society 
J 28 Scientific Issues 

Science and Technology 
​A 3 Evaluating a Design 
B 1 Scientific Inquiry versus Technology
B 2 Advances in Technology 

Scientif ic Inquiry 
A 1 Lab Safety 
A 2 Presentation of an Investigation 
A 3 Using Mathematical Models 
A 4 Drawing Conclusions 
A 5 Changes in Scientific Explanations 

Scientific Ways of Knowing 
A 1 Dynamics of Science 
A 2 Open Communication in Science 
A 3 Method of Science 
C 4 How Ethics Can Limit Scientists 
C 5 Use of Humans in Science 
C 6 Use of Animals in Research 
D 7 Careers in Science