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OGT math & science Study Guides

OVER 1000 Problems -  Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Extended Response

grades 9 & 10

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Grades 7, 8, 9, 10

one-page quizzes
Black-line masters
common core correlation

These materials written for the former Ohio Academic Standards are now CORRELATED to the Common Core MATHEMATICS and the new Ohio SCIENCE Standards.


NOW, fast forward to late Fall-2020/Winter-2021, the coronavirus, the disruption of the educational system throughout the United States, and the challenges that educators have never before faced in modern times in trying to maintain education remotely at home, onsite, or in a hybrid combination of onsite and home learning.  

As math and science teachers continue to face an amazing set of challenges across our country, these materials could, again, be extremely helpful to assist with instruction and reinforcement for students WITH internet access (CD with PDFs) or WITHOUT internet access by making copies of the blackline master set.   

Welcome to Wolfson Educational Services and to the mathematics and science materials that we wrote to assist teachers in working with the OHIO Mathematics Standards of 2003-2015 ​and to also help students to prepare for the Ohio Graduation Test of that time.

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FOCUSED ON:  Math and Science instructors (7 - 10) that could benefit from affordable materials during this challenging time in education.  ~ Shari  (Fall, 2020)

Wolfson Educational Services may be a little known name in the world of published educational materials and to Ohio mathematics materials (since 2003), but owner, Shari Wolf is not.  After writing a variety of mathematics study materials for the 9th grade Proficiency Test back in the 90's, she wrote the OGT Mathematics Study Guide/Workbook, (Ohio-based publisher, Orange Frazer Press - 2003, revised 2006); OGT Desktop Tutor software, Flash Cards, Overhead Materials, and other materials for Ohio-Based Hollandays Publishing, Inc.  

Wolfson Educational Services

For any questions, contact me on Facebookemail me.


YES ... Make paper copies of each and every quiz or review for each member of your classes. 
YES ... PDF files on CD - use the pdf files with a computer and projector or with your Smart Board, etc.

We keep the prices of our materials as affordable as possible by asking you to not:
NO ...  Please do not share your set (paper copy or CD) with fellow teachers. 
                         We hope they'll like our materials well enough to purchase their own set.
NO ...  Please do not pass your set (paper copy or CD) to other teachers for them to make a set for themselves.

We hope they'll like our materials well enough to purchase their own set.

These blackline masters normally range in price from $30 to $50 including a hard copy set to make all the copies you need for YOUR classes.  A CD of PDFs is included with the grade level set to use with your students through the internet or by email.  
​With purchase of any grade level, comes the permission to make student copies or to use the pdfs for each lesson with your classes year after year.

Pricing on the order form includes a 25% discount and reduced shipping until
​December 31, 2020. 


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Grade 9

Grade 10


Focus for Wolfson math materials  is grades 7, 8, 9, and 10.   

Focus for Wolfson science materials  is grades 9 and 10.

-- One-page quizzes written for each *Ohio grade level curriculum statement.  

-- Materials that could be used throughout the US, not just in Ohio

-- Blackline masters so that teachers can make copies for his/her classes

-- Complete answer keys

-- CDs of the quizzes as PDFs for use with smart boards or internet

-- Wolfson math quizzes correlated to Common Core*

-- Common core correlated to Wolfson math quizzes*

-- Purchase and Copyright gives the teacher the right to make copies for his/her classes year after year.  We just ask that each teacher to purchase his/her own set. ​​...